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We are inspired by the African Proverb that states, “Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and education is a very important weapon to prepare children for their future roles as leaders of the community.” ~ Nelson Mandela. Since 2016 the association has been working with children and the youth of different ages (between 2-28 years), majoring in encouraging and motivating them in their individual and social development. They have the right to have their development supported. They have the right to be educated for them to grow in to responsible persons. They have the right to be socially & morally competent. Because this young souls are on the road to discovery and experiments, they need an extra hand and extra norms apart from the Parents to hold on and learn from. Through our professional/diverse engagement and counsel, we co-constructively help them avoid or reduce disadvantages and assist them rediscover and realise the world around them through dynamic rich offers.The needs and wants of children, youth and families and their different living styles form the base of the offers given by the association. These are individually and specifically directed to the area of ​​life and need.We are more than glad to be in the triangle of enabling children, the youth and their parents to realize the broader circle of life connecting dependency between environment, family life, social life, economic sphere and political life. Our fundamental goal is to assist them actively reach out (Participate) and give back to the society